This is one of those lovely evenings where I listen to Ennico Morricone – Once Upon a Time in the West (gah, what a piece of sound!). I am awaiting my amore’s arrival as he has been away in Poland with his job. I bunker up with a box of dark chocolate pralines I bought in Copenhagen (my boyfriend gave me a surprise weekend to the capital of Denmark), I put on the socks my maternal grandmother has knitted for my cold Norwegian winters, and, I am all set for watching my absolute favorite movie. From Pirates of the Caribbean. Is this not just such a fascinating bunch of movies?

What’s in the Future for Pirates of the Caribbean?

Being the die hard Pirates of the Caribbean fan I am, I thought it would be suitable with a review. Even if it happens to be almost a year after Dead Men Tell No Tales/Salazar’s Revenge. When browsing internet it seems as if fans are quite parted regarding opinions of the followups. Everyone appears to be on the same page about The Curse of the Black Pearl, the first one. This is a clear favorite. But when we go over to the second, third, fourth and even fifth, the audience is quite divided.

Some prefer the first, fourth and fifth – and the other half seems to enjoy more of the first, second and third. Maybe the fifth as well. I do love all movies, and can watch them several times. Anyhow, instead of dwelling which movie is better than the other one, I thought about considering what’s in for the future. It seems as if Carina Smyth/Barbossa’s actress has signed contract for the sixth installment (from Wikipedia and IMDB sources). An interesting input and her character is very much in time. Being an astronomer and horologist, a woman with her own willpower, it seems fitting for 2018/19. A trend going and a trend I hope will stay forever.

Then again, I think Elizabeth Swann’s character alongside Angelica Teach are quite modern too, in this sense. Elizabeth Swann has the apparent character development of growing from a wealthy and proper Daddy’s girl into a pirate captain. Kind of gentle but with a decisive tone. Angelica Teach is fighting off Jack in most parts, and even though she decides to give up her life for her father, I find her modern as well. She does locate herself at edges and has her own character development of going from becoming a nun into – sí – a pirate. A person who has obeyed to a person who rules.

But now, we discuss the last installment, Salazar’s Revenge or as I know it – Dead Men Tell No Tales. How it ended and what we can expect in the future. Do you have any ideas? I have some theories. So far I have not found a storyline for the sixth movie, therefore I dare taking wild shots in guessing the following outcome. However, I have heard a funny rumor of the main character being the son of Jack and Angelica. Who knows.


Dead Men Tell No Tales has a plot with Captain Jack Sparrow (would I be a fan if I forgot the title?). Now, Henry Turner, son of Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner is a grown man, still missing his cursed father. As we know from At World’s End (III) Will is doomed to run a ghost ship, pretty much. And Henry wants his father ”to come home.” He knows of Poseidon’s Trident, which is hidden somewhere and he needs this to be able to break the curse. In the triangle Jack has sunken Captain Salazar’s ship ages ago. Now when Jack trades his compass for (what else?!) a bottle of rum – the compass releases the mountain walls and Captain Salazar is no longer trapped in there. He obviously wants to avenge Jack (when is Jack not hunted to pieces?).

So Jack wants to find the trident too, to break this curse. Alongside all of this, Jack and Henry are in search for the trident. They pretty much side with Carina with them who wants to find it too, mostly for her father’s sake. She is an orphan and wants to honor her father. Now all three share this matter in a wish of finding the trident. All the while Salazar specifically wants to take Jack down.

Fun Facts

  • Apparently the faces Jack sees when facing the guillotine and is about to be executed are the Norwegian directions Espen and Joachim. Personal opinion: Yes, I find it too cool that I happen to not only live in Norway where they come from, but live literally two streets away from their office. Is this bragging or just extreme fangirling?
  • Mullroy and Murtogg are back! Yay, the funny men guarding the harbor in The Curse of the Black Pearl. If we remember those two gullible men Jack easily talks out of watching his every move. Loved those two and they were equally in character in this movie. I am totally giving points to whoever suggested and accepted having these two back. They surely have their place in the movie series and bring a bit of comedy to the film.
  • Elizabeth Swann is the mother of Henry. But in real life, the age difference between the actress and actor is merely four years! Henry is a perfect fit though. I dare to say I think he even looks like a possible offspring from a blend between Mrs and Mr Turner. He does look a bit like Elizabeth.

What’s In For the Future? 

Clearly when checking on reddit and diverse forums, people have their ideas. So far I have yet not come across an idea that actually works. As a result of seeing After Credits, where we see a shadow of what seems to be Davy Jones visiting Will and Elizabeth at night, people discuss his return. At first we think it was all a dream, as Will wakes up. But there are barnacles on the floor, revealing that surely someone was indeed there.

Some people also consider a fact of Barbossa returning, once again coming back from the dead. I wondered about this idea and had to google it. It seems as if the actor neglects the idea somewhat, commenting that it would be more true and honest if his character actually died this time. Mostly because it makes a stronger impact on the fact that this first antagonist character actually has a heart, as he died for the cause of his newfound daughter. And I agree to this. Even if I would love to have him return, as his character is totally EPIC. In a way, his legacy does live on. Carina is an interesting character and I am glad she got as much room in Dead Men Tell No Tales as she actually did. It was perfect.

In the ending scene Jack sees Will and Elizabeth’s reunion. Something which seems to bother his ego and he gets slightly upset over the fact that a lady has not been swept off her feet for him, he refocuses his attention forward and says that he has a ”rendezvous beyond my beloved horizon.” According to IMDB this means a meeting, ”usually prearranged with a friend.” Some think this hints him encountering Barbossa again, saving his butt from the locker. Some also point out a true translation and definition is that this refers a romantic encounter.

I wonder if that can be though. Not only letting Barbossa Mister Actor’s thoughts in consideration, but to think of the storyline. Would it be too repetitive if we brought him back? In a sense, I would be delighted to have him back. And for me, a Pirates of the Caribbean movie cannot really be bad. Unless they kill off Angelica, that is to say. I love and sympathize too much with her to accept her leaving the franchise.

Many Willabeth fans (aye, I checked the ff network), obviously wants more of Will and Elizabeth. Elizabeth with her cameo in this previous movie and Will both having scenes in the first and third act. But I wonder what storyline possibly could bring them back in? What shall happen in case to throw these two lovebirds back into the game? Theories are infinite, but I cannot really come up with many ideas myself. Some wonder if now the curses are all broken, then so is Davy Jones and that is why he is back. But does this still really work? Can we truthfully support this theory?

A lot of movie franchises though seem to forget about small details making the storylines not work perfectly well together. In fact, now when I think about it, it appears to be more of a rule than exception that something quite is not following up in the storyline. Often, there is this trouble with math. How old is this character if he was five in the last movie and now five years has passed in the movie. Can he be sixteen then? Oh, yes, he can. We will go with that one!

So, in how many routes I try to draw in my notebook, I still cannot come up with a reasonable excuse to rightfully bring Barbossa back. However, there may be a genius out there thinking of ideas I have not come across. I will never close the door. Right now, it remains ajar. I will wait until I sit in the movie theatre enjoying the sixth installment, for sure. One can never know, right?

What is My Personal Idea of What Happens in the Following Movie? 

Well, we should of course consider this after credits scene. After all, someone was visiting Will and Elizabeth. And it did, in fact, look like Davy Jones.

Then there is this with Syrena and Philip. Will this French actress return or did they have a happy ending in the fourth movie, On Stranger Tides? Is there more of them in the future, or are we settled and happy with how their story so far has ended?

Carina, which actress has signed a contract for one more movie, I do wonder what she has in mind. Will she now try to take over Barbossa’s fleet? Maybe? She seemed proud to be a Barbossa in the end after all. Perhaps she is off out on the oceans to discover treasures or following maps. But then, how does this work with Henry?

Henry has accomplished what seems to have been a very dedicated life goal. He has brought his father back home. Now what? He was a sailor before, but quite a troublemaker. Fortunately that, or else he may not have had such an adventure he indeed did have. The question I muse on is what we can see of him in the future. Is he by blood a true pirate or is he a good noble man? Or both, like Will Turner?

There is good old Jack. Now with a compass not working. Oh, my apologies, now it actually works. But like a normal one and it does not point into the heading of what we want the most. So, as the ending words declared he is off to meet a friend. Which friend? In Tortuga? It cannot be Gibbs right? Since Gibbs was behind him on the Pearl. I can be Barbossa, after all. And it can be Angelica. I mean, yes, Jack knows a lot of people but he does not seem to be a friend to all. More likely that he has upset an awful amount of people trying to chop his head off. Therefore I only find two possible friends if not regarding his father, uncle or unknown friend we have not met yet.

And then, there is Angelica. Voodoo queen on a deserted island claiming she was pregnant before Jack left. What can we see in a future movie? She has a voodoo doll of Jack. Will she do anything with it? Can we expect a return with this character? I sure hope so, because she if any character does put Jack in its’ place. I think her character causes a development in Jack’s character. Jack actually puts another one’s needs in front of his own. Think of that. Narcissistic Jack is putting someone else as prior.

So, the interesting part is this fact of the curses broken. Are they broken? In that case, how come we got to see a glimpse of Davy Jones returning? How does this puzzle work out? And if they are broken, does that mean Angelica’s voodoo doll does not work too? All curses? Will a sixth installment be about non-fantasy piracy or have the developers come up with an idea to walk around this information of ”no working curses”?
What do you think?

Another interesting quest; what will the new villain be like? Who will he or she be? A made up character or based on myth? I see popularity go among fans to see Captain Hook. But, would that not be to involve Peter Pan’s fairytale into Pirates of the Caribbean? Like a crossover? Or have I missed something here? So many questions and unfortunately not too many answers. The only thing I do know so far is that I will see more of Captain Jack Sparrow and Carina Barbossa. Surely I would bet my money to see Henry Turner, Joshamee Gibbs and Scrum as well. Then I could only hope to see more of Angelica Teach, maybe Hector Barbossa and Willabeth.

Regardless, I look forward to the sixth one no matter what.

Love, Emelena

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