We are so over our dreadful boss, who has become such a huge negative part in our life that we just want to stand up and scream in his or her face. To just gather our personal belongings at our workplace and tell our supervisor “I QUIT!”, walk out and never ever look over our shoulder – is unfortunately a not too uncommon dream. 

Most of us can unfortunately understand each other when we express these feeling but there are some things to keep in mind. To not react on emotions in such a situation, is one of them. Together, let’s go through what to not do, even if we want, and how we can handle this quitting situation in a better way to achieve a better result. 

Now – grab a cup of hot tea or coffee, or a cold orange juice! 😉

We Will Never See the Person Again 

Yes we will. 

Those three words may seem unbelievable right here right now at this very moment, but life changes and evolves during a larger span of time. Eventually, chances may be not this low to encounter as they are right now. It seems truly unlikable to happen, even unreal to happen, but things change all the time and that one day would not be too funny to enter with the background of a disastrous ending.  

First time a supervisor came back in my life

First time I noticed this was in school. I had a teacher that some kids would be mean to, getting them a reputation and them laughing when semester was over and a change of teachers the following year would occur. Now I am not praising myself or anything, simply telling my point of view – but I was a rather “tidy” kid, sometimes even overly ambitious to almost run out of time at the essays because I wrote “too much” and even barely got around with an A-, deeply concerned of that minus. Where I remember several times 5-7 years later in my school years, even after switching schools and such – the teachers WOULD return. They too switched workplaces, schools and I was rather baffled that I sort of “slid” on my good reputation I had back then by not having to deliver as much. While the ones who had been hard on the teachers back those days truly struggled to achieve anything in the future years. Now this happened not only once, but actually quite a few times – I realized that the words “What comes around goes around,” can be a saying worth remembering.

Supervisors return in our careers, whether we like it or not

These are examples from schooldays, however they are true in our working lives as well. I have noticed it many times and heard stories from older ones, how a person would quit and maybe later return with a huge personal progress that makes them end up as a CEO or another managing position, making the ones who were at the workplace back in the days to wish for having received quite a good impression at the person. 

Of course anything CAN change, also a person and them being a bit more “fair” as to the fact that as much as they probably have changed, so has the other person. In general, I think always doing our best, being humble and nice, always lead to the best result. No back stabbing etc. It truly, truly will backfire someday. It is better to be nice. Really. 

Another note I like to add, is of how people in general return in our lives. It can be a co-worker or a classmate. I go for the advice of leaving people happy, even in situations where oneself can be the one in (some sort of) powerful position. One day ahead tables can be turned and then suddenly this person who used to work “on the floor” might run the grandest company we want to work for. I just always, give the advice of being humble and nice. It does pay off.

But My Boss is an Ass and I am Switching Business Anyhow

It still does not matter as the boss can switch career too. Another thing to keep in mind is that they may know a person in the career path that we need. By delivering a bad word of us to this key person to land our dream position can honestly destroy a lot. There are tons of opportunities out there, but like a pyramid, the higher we climb the fewer people are at the top and it gets easier to bring around a reputation, a word and in general, we sometimes underestimate how small this world can be. 

Think of the positive outcome of leaving with a dazzling impression

And think of this instead. What if we instead left the most dazzling impression? Imagine how that could help us? By doing things right, and building up that platform, rock by rock, think of what a relief instead it could be – to re-encounter people from our past? Even if we may have liked our boss right now, things can actually change and make us more fond of this person in the future. And even if we still loathe this boss in our future, again, things will be tons easier if we are on terms and further better if they have a great impression of us. 

But I Need To Do This To Feel Good 

Of course as with everything we must consider what is worth what. Has this boss truly destroyed our life completely and is there actually something to win by with temper march out of our workplace? Consider pros and cons, and try to analyze possible consequences (both good and bad) in the future. This can lead to a clearer vision of what is fitting for the situation. 

One of the things we can do is to get responsible for our own actions and reactions to the person and his or her actions. A coworker once told us during lunch he tried keeping his sad/down son by expressing that perhaps this was not his phase in life. And that was a good encouraging saying, in my opinion. That as time will pass, so will this phase in life. The next one can be an amazing one – if we make sure it will be.

Gather Certificates During Worktime 

To be able to skip feeling nervous when getting a final recommendation letter or call from our boss, former boss – we can avoid this somewhat by asking for recommendation letters during our time at work. When we accomplish something at work it can be a great idea to note it down, get it in some sort of diploma or a clear statement in written form on LinkedIn, etc. Or in at PDF file. Specifically when manager and employee are on good terms and nobody is about to quit. Even if the process of quitting is well received, it can still be stressful as a new coworker must first of all get hired, and also taught into new systems, workplace and so on. Also keep in mind that if we are for example an awesome employee, it would be harder to replace us to the same level. 😉 

In regards, to plan out how a quitting process would be in the best of worlds, can actually be for our beneficial. The best is actually to leave the manager happy and with a feeling that he somewhat wins regardless. To be able to sell the quitting process is quite essential if we are keen on keeping our backs clean. 

Love, Emelena

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