The Best Pros of a Classic Notebook


Benefits of a Notebook

While some people will evolve with new technology, not only preferring to download an ebook but fancy filling their electronic calendar with pretty notes – there are some of us others left. We, those who really enjoys drawing an old-fashioned inc pencil over a paperwork notebook. Just like people have for decades, if not centuries. After having this extraordinary love for notebooks, I decided to share how it actually can boost our productivity and help our lives. Even regarding the disadvantages I do find apparent to these lovable items.

Now, grab a cup of coffee and share this Thursday with me. Let’s look forward to a peaceful weekend and maybe even drop by a local book shop to buy ourselves an old fashioned notebook!

Never Runs out of Battery – Did you forget to press the bottom ’save’?

Have we not all experienced this? We are sitting in a classroom, perhaps in a so-called computer room. The teacher is walking among us with a watchful gaze, and we have a very important school project we have worked on for so long. And this afternoon we decide to press the sunny tempting weather going on outside, to the back of our minds. Suddenly five minutes before deciding to print this school work out – the computers crash. It may even just freeze. Just something makes us too, freeze. Freeze in horror as we realize our work is not yet saved and we are going to have to redo all the information, formatting and writing we have accomplished so far. Inwardly we scream about what an idiot we were to not save this in time. And depending on anger issues, we may even consider throwing the computer out the window.

It seems as if most people need to make this mistake at least once (or a couple of hundred of times) until we learn from it. Quite, nothing is as frustrating as when effort has been at one hundred percent and we finally are seeing the light in the tunnel. And then it is all erased. We are back at square one. If we cannot grab the class’ computer hacker, we must face that he is at home this day, calling in sick and we must just restart the computer without having our precious work back. Tough life.

Now, with the negative outcome here, this does not happen with a simple and plain notebook. Obviously there is no save bottom to be pressed. On the other hand, a notebook is very vulnerable when it comes to rain, water in general and definitely fire. However, a computer would be too. But typically, one does not use a laptop over the head when running from the front gate door to the bus station. There is a greater risk we may fumble up the jewel notebook and keep our faces somewhat drier by using it as a sheltering umbrella.

To Do Lists and Notes

The first I do every single morning, if we dismiss the idea of coffee, it is to open up a brand new page. I note down what I must accomplish the day and I may already have a few lines written from the day before. If I have not had time to finish them by the late hours of yesterday that is to say. Naturally they will transfer over to the next page. In a way, I feel more productive when I get to grab a proud hold on the pencil a few hours later just to cross some of the lines. There is this self esteeming sensation inside me which grows when I get to do so. As if I really am a doer and not a talker. At least, this is the outcome such a ”tiny” task actually does to me.

Of course, nowadays I have also discovered the nice system within the notes system in Mac computers. I need to admit that I do feel enthralled when I get to block the lines I have empty for checks. I suppose this goes hand in hand with an urge of feeling like I really take a step forward every single day.

Otherwise I use this for writing plots to fanfics, screenplays and goals. What goal do I have for this week, this day, this month, year or lifetime? Before, I used to have these little bookish diaries and using post-it notes for what to buy from the grocery stores. Although I keep doing this in between, my main focus is the previous stuff. In a sense, I think it is easier to concentrate when using a classic notebook rather than a computer.

If we neglect the possibility of emptying battery resulting in us jumping ninja-style down the staircase in search for a charger, there are tons of distraction sections a computer offers versus a notebook. Yes, we may have interesting parts in our notebooks, specifically if we have dug out an old dusty one from 2010 we have in a moving box in the basement. But a computer typically do not only have folders with documents, it has photos from that amazing tropical vacation last year, it typically offers internet and all social media there are. News, blogs, videos and what else does not a computer give us? Pretty much everything. I was just going to suggest food, but then I remembered that we nowadays can order food online straight to the door within an hour, so… Yes. 
When I bring up my notebook with those bent overused edges, I immediately get into a mood of focus. There are less distractions and all I can think of is the written words and what goes on in my imagination. Which often is a dramatically comedic story as I try to plot it all out in my notebook. It is so nice to just write and write when I get into this flow. It is as if the pencil is living its own life and I can go on forever until it is almost three o’clock in the morning and I receive an upset glare by the little light still on to help my eyes out. 

Sure, when reaching those last pages of a notebook, it should be set aside to the trashcan (recycling one). That is to speak if we are done with the notebook. If there are a few pages left which I have noted on but have not worked with regarding unwritten stories, I just tear them from the book and put them in the next one. They will be loose but surely among new ideas I will write down. 
Sometimes I may be better and sometimes worse at this whole thing ”throwing” notebooks. When I lift out my box filled with notebooks I sometimes get slightly nostalgic, finding notes from 2009 about fanfic ideas from my first fandom. Even at points I can get baffled at what ideas I had, sometimes impressed and at points embarrassed. At least it is fun to see how my personal opinions have grown and what type of characters I am most pleased to develop. I thought I was all grown and knew it all by what age I was in back in those days. Turns out… I apparently did not. And it makes me know that I will probably grow a lot from the person I am today, even if I must embrace her now as well. 
Easier to Design
Yes, with an inc pencil it is not easy to change our minds. ”Oh, crap, that is a sentence I regret or want to change.” I do not really have to reveal that what we must do is to rewrite the sentence below, draw a line over the previous one or fill in with words. Basic stuff I dare to think an elder toddler must know of. But, I want to point out this part of drawing lines between sections, maybe even paint a little house or a filled heart somewhere on the page. Put arrows a bit everywhere as to emphasize what we mean a bit extra. Yes, the options are enormous and surely as of today, we get to do most of this at the notes on our computers too. But, yet a but, it takes longer time than just moving our pencil a bit differently for half a moment. We do not really have to search in menus to find an icon looking like a pencil or so to do this. 
I think that if someone would open one of my notebooks, their eyebrows would raise higher on their foreheads for every turning page. That not only have I stolen lyrics from the most passionate songs to quote in the beginning – I quickly go into a painted blue print of my dream house. Then I have a full page of numbers, me trying to calculate my salary or taxes, then on the third page I have different events I want to have in a fanfic. Perhaps a complete other screenplay is plotted on the following pages. Then there is a page of what I need to do during that day. On the following one we find my goals of a lifetime to again meet fanfiction writing on the next one. To make things worse, I always write my fanfiction notes in whatever language. When I talk (to myself) I mixture Norwegian, Swedish, English, Spanish and Italian. So, we can only imagine how those notes looks like. Surely, every single sentence is a mixture of all languages and unless we speak them – we will not have a clue of what they say.
And then at the last page I may have painted the features of my hand pressed against the paper. 


So to speak…
When someone speaks of their laptop, I agree with confessing that it is my little baby. I know my laptop better than the back of my hand. After all, it contains all of my stories which I have noted in notebooks. But a notebook is a notebook. I always bring one with me wherever I go. If I so happen to get a sudden idea that I will not have a use for a notebook while vacationing, mostly because I aim to save weight in my suitcases, I will still in the end of the day end up going to a local gift shop to buy me one. I simply cannot spend a week without a notebook. My fingers will itch until I get a pencil in my hand and a notebook to write down what ideas have come to my mind in the meantime. 
Only clear disadvantage I can find is the heaviness of a notebook. Perhaps not by a single one, but after a few years there will be a pile of notebooks. While a computer can search for whatever document we are searching for, I do sigh when I collapse beside the pile of notebooks. It is just to open up the one at the top and start browsing until I reach the one containing what I am searching for. Regardless, my love for notebooks remain. 🙂  Side note: Perhaps I should write a post about how to structure this? (To avoid going through them all over and over again?) Well, I know that I surely need one of those assisting texts. 

Love, E

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  2. It’s really a nice and useful piece of info.
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