The 4 Secrets to Become the Best Employee

  • We do what we do best (we give everything) and become valuable. 

Is there a threat at work? There in an opening for a role and it seems as if someone else will nail it? Do we wish to be valued more? Do we wish to feel that we are the best employee at work? Do we wish to BE the best employee at work? Do we want to get a good recommendation letter for our next job? Do we want to be liked by others? Do we want to get more opportunities at work? Do we wonder how it feels to be the manager’s pet peeve? 

Basically among other “small” things, what we need to do is to be the best at what we do. 

That is the easy and quick answer. 

The longer one is to be valued. And how to become more valued. 

Now, Thursday and let’s grab a glass of lemon juice (yes, even I can break my rituals at points) and be somewhat eager as it gets sunnier outside for more hours for every day that passes. Today we have a topic of how to become better employees, and later on we can develop into the topic of growing in more value. 

How Do We Face Challenges at Work? 

We can face this challenge as seeing it as an obstacle, or a great way of improving ourselves. I just love the expression “Grow as a person,” as you may have noticed. A challenge will cause us to push a bit harder than we tend to do. We do have our comfort zones and are obviously the comfiest inside those circles, but to grow as a person – we must face challenges. 

Instead of being at unease at facing this new challenge, we need to prep our mind with positiveness. We can make a list on what a possible result can be. What will we learn, what personal attributes will be improved, what is (truly) the worst thing that can happen? Unless we risk death, is there really something to have a bad feeling about? And really, if we never challenge ourselves, we will never grow our comfort zone either. Because when we have passed that challenge, it will belong in our new expanded comfort zone. 

What If We are Drained on Energy? 

If we are drained on energy we need to pause for a moment. To analyze, reflect and think carefully of this cause. There is an expression I find important which goes; a tired soul can never get enough sleep. This means that if our soul is tired, we need to rethink our lifestyle and heading. Something in our life causes this stress. We need to consider our health big time if we reach this point, of getting burnt out. If we still realize that it is not the cause because of work, but because of different pillars in our life – we need to work on them. One by one. 

  • Exercise – to build strength and focus. 
  • Eat healthy – food that generates us energy and DOES NOT drain us. 
  • Sleep enough – between 7-8,5 hours, which is recommended and works for us. No less no more. 
  • Inner peace – find a moment each day where we appreciate things in our life, reflect and focus on only positive things. 

Things to look over is perhaps if we can cut down on some work chores we are given, see if we even are signed on doing those chores, create a daily schedule which works for us, note things down on a daily to do list to get things out of our heads, book a trip if possible, watch positive youtube videos to change our mindset, etc. It can also be worth to consider what kind of people we have around us, both at work and at home. If a negative person is around us for a longer time, we want to create a positive bubble with harder walls to not bring that negativity inside, will we not? 

If we find ourselves in such a relationship-position with our manager, it can be a good idea to speak with him or her about us needing another plan. Going to work shall never drain us on energy – but generate us energy. If we feel energized when leaving work, it means we have had such a good and happy time there. Stress really does not belong at work, even if (unfortunately) it seems as if many people associate work with stress. Even a hectic environment shall not be stressful, because a hectic environment should be a workplace perhaps for those extroverts loving to mingle and shine – who may get energized by talking to others and do tons of things at the same time. They would perhaps be drained on energy doing an introvert’s job, and vice versa.

What Do We Do If We Dislike Our Manager? 

We always need to respect each other and one does not have to like or dislike people all around. However if there is a reason we dislike our manager, we need to think if there is something we can change here. We should prioritize to have a talk with him or her, letting them know we wish for a change, for a different outcome. Maybe the manager does not have knowledge of what he or she does wrong. Letting them know can really be for a greater cause. I believe anyhow, that we need to let them know in a nice way. 

Of course, I want to warn – there is balance. 

If our intuition screams no to this, we need to play this one smoothly instead.

  • Do we love our job? Alright. Then we wish not to quit. Will the manager probably stay for long? In that case we may need to look around for a similar position in another company? Maybe we can even talk about the problem with our manager to him or her manager. 
  • We aim for another position at the company and put in a higher level for an amount of time in order to get that promotion. We just bite our tongue and do what needs to get done. 
  • We learn how to say no to our manager.
  • We decide to see a positive outcome even here. What can we learn by this challenge of being around a person we dislike? How can we learn to handle this person, and these negative feelings? I am sure we always can find a positive result out of every situation. Even this one. Let me share a few with you and try to read them with an open mind! 


  • We learn how to get a like from someone we naturally do not click with. 
  • We learn to confront in a nice way. 
  • We learn to “get our way” without coming off as an idiot. 
  • We learn that it is possible to be completely different and not clicking, yet being around each other to push the company forward. 
  • We learn from the mistakes the manager does and makes sure to not do it ourselves when we end up in his or her position. 

How Can We Pay Tribute/Give Value? 

Yes, the right mindset to have! What can we do to be valuable? What can we do to put value in someone else’s life, our company’s life or a client’s life? This means we will be important and as a result more valued. It can be tiny things like helping out with smaller stuff: bringing an extra cup of coffee, take a moment to just ask someone how he or she is doing, hold the door open, help someone to copy, deliver the mail face to face etc. Among the best things an employee can do to be valuable is also to drop by (whomever) and ask “Can I help with something?”. Often we get the response of a decline, and sometimes there will be an acceptance. However, in the end of the day it is an act of pure kindness and frequently very much appreciated by others. 

But to be a valuable employee is not only leveled by our kindness, our loyalty and ambitions. It is also very much by our attributes. Thereof a major reason why I preach the concept of working with something we love to do. To work within a field we feel a passion for. It enables us to be experts within the area and naturally a valuable piece for the company to have to maintain. Being more valuable at work also means that it is somewhat easier to require higher salaries, better benefits and a greater variety of choosing a workplace. The more valuable we get to become, the greater opportunities we may easier form. 

Well, this was a little piece this Thursday here. I think of writing a post about how to get more valued at work as well. It may be important information to have. Regardless, have an amazing day! See you next Thursday. 

Love, Emelena

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