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There are some questions we just need to ask ourselves in between! Whether it is because we feel lost, or are our happy selves. There is always room for improvement and looking over our situation. Let’s check them out together. 

If We Knew it to 100% Would Lead to Success, What Would We Take on And Do Right Now? 

Would we start a business? Write that book? Ask our friend out for a date? Try to pursue a specific goal? Quit our jobs and sail across the world? Only our own imagination limits us and it is true, following Jordan Belford’s quote “The only thing between ourselves and our goal is the bullshit story we keep telling ourselves as to why we cannot achieve it.”. In a way I love that quote. It brings us in charge of our own destinies and to either do something about it or decide not to. But in the end it makes us responsible for either way and leaves no room to blame anything but ourselves. 

Many times, this has caused me to stand up from browsing Netflix on the couch and instead go for my goals. Like a bit of obvious realization hits me in the face like a ton of bricks. Do you agree? 

So, back to the question: What would we do if we knew we could not fail? What would we go for? If we think like this, life becomes clearer and we can see what we truly desire but lets our fear prevent. If we get to be aware that it is this fear of failure that stops us and nothing else, we may dare to try. When we are like a hundred years old, would we not wish we tried – right here and right now? 

If we would never ever have to worry about money ever in our lives, what would we do right now? 

Also another question that brings us to find our true and inner passion. What do we love to do? Truly love to do? What would we truly love to accomplish in life? 

Often people focus on money. Anything we do and any decision made can often be a consequence of a money-focused mind. How we grow and so on. Which not may be wrong, of course, as our world of today is dependent of money – but by asking ourselves what we would do if we never had to think of money, and still live the life we would like – how would we spend this time? 

Working with our hobbies?

We think of hobbies and other passions, and in a way, those who cannot answer that they would continue at the work they are at right now, should actually in my opinion quit and work with their hobbies instead. I believe that if everyone worked with what they are best at, and love doing more than anything, humanity would achieve such a huge progress and achievement itself. 

Some love doctoring, some love painting, some love building and some just love to be in the spotlight. There are as many professions as there are hobbies, and yet we tend to make only money-based decision, go for “second best” and spend the little time we may have left on what we truly love to do. The best would obviously be to always do things we love. 

If this was our last moment in life, would we be pleased with that? 

Would we feel like we got the best out of life? Do we feel like we have accomplished everything we wanted? That we tried everything we wished to try and went for everything we wanted? 

If not, we get a clear view of things that truly matters in us. Whenever I tend to ask this question to myself, I realize I inwardly in fact have different dreams than I tend to think of on a daily basis. When it comes down to it, I definitely want more “loving” things in life, rather than materialistic items, like I set up as a monthly goal if not. 

Be pleased that very last day

It is a chance we may not exactly regret not buying a Chanel when it comes down to it, while we may instead in fact rather regret not telling a loved one we love them, or showing it. Things like that. And it also brings us to a realization that we actually, hopefully, do have a chance to change this until we reach this day. What are the things we would think if we were at that moment right now? And what can we do now to change that outcome? What can we do to actually feel pleased that day? To be happy with our decisions and actions, with no true regrets. 

If we fast forward 20 years ahead of us, is that a place we want to be at? 

This is such a great question. If we look on our path right now, where is it leading us? I know every path, any step ahead on it, is made by us uniquely. Every path is unique but we tend to have a bit of a routine among us regardless. And if we would fast forward twenty years in our direction, is it a place we would like to be at? More so, is it a place we would LOVE to be at? Is it THE place we want to be at? 

This question can be asked when it comes to relationships, career, personal development. With the understanding that time does pass, perhaps slowly at points, and fast other times – it will regardless pass. By small steps forward, we do head in a direction and will eventually pass destinations on our way. What are those destinations and are those destinations we want to pass? Is there another interesting path we want to promenade along? Are there more interesting destinations there? Does the journey seem more interesting there? Would we love to try it? 

Then it is time to look over our situation and see how we can change to leave our path for another one. Or combine them. Who knows? 

Only we know which path is true to us and only we can change that path. 

Love, Emelena

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