Merry Christmas

Captioned a snap in Norway’s Christmas Land during an early morning.

Merry Christmas! 

It is precisely a year ago since I crossed that hospital corridor with my father, for a last time meet my grandfather. Talk about Christmas forming into a forever special day in my heart. I cherish this day. Some families are lucky enough to afford giving each other gifts, some are not. One thing I wish though is for each family to be able to spend this holiday with each other. A person is missing in mine, but the rest of us are together. In the Christmas holidays I wanted to share some inspiration of what we can do for personal self development! As writers.

At the Royal Castle. 

1.Welcoming a New Person

This can be a new partner to one of our relatives. Maybe it is the person’s first Christmas. Belonging to the main family, I am always very open and extra welcoming to this person. It takes a lot of courage to meet the partner’s family for the first, second and perhaps third time. Usually we want to make a good impression and do feel a bit of pressure. Therefore I try to show the person he or she is very welcome in our home. 

One thing to really remember is the name. Imagine something more awkward than for example mixing the person with another person, or actually not just remembering it at all. When someone knows the name and actually pronounces it correctly, we do tend to feel flattered and, maybe not ”special” but at least very welcome, and approved. Christmas for me represents a beautiful love that we share among each other. It is a perfect moment to pull one tight to our side for a warm hug, give lovable words and show each other that we care for one another.

2. Get Inspiration as a Writer

Some countries and families have a tradition of giving each other a book, which every person reads before going to bed on Christmas Eve. The holidays often mean (but not for everyone!) a lot of free time. This is a great time to have that alone walk and just stroll in silence, check out the new sceneries surrounding the neighborhood and perhaps picture a story going on. 

There is a lot of time for watching movies. A time where all family members can bunker up in the living room and together share an experience – watching a classic Christmas movie. According to me, this is the hight of Christmas coziness. A bowl of popcorn and chocolate pralines that often is from a Christmas gift from under the tree. Lovely. I tend to get loads of ideas flowing in my mind after watching an old movie.

3. The Spirit

In general, people may appear more stressed. But also friendlier. It is after all Christmas, a period of time where we tend to smile a bit more and welcome each other. Although even if we so take that stressful person, we can get an opportunity in finding characters for our stories. People bring out their strong personalities. If it is behind the Christmas gift game and the competitive side appears, the overly happy one, the one who feels blessed by all lovable relatives, the one who hates Christmas and everything that has to do with it. There are a lot of things to notice in a short span of time, which can help a writer who quickly needs a character. Just pick one during Christmas time. 

So, this was a shorter portion of what I tend to offer in my posts. However it is enough for what I will deliver during Christmas. I am wrapping up with a lovely dinner in company of my family and relatives. Tomorrow my boyfriend is coming over because we are traveling to both the Alps and to Rome, Italy for New Year’s Eve. 

Merry Christmas

Love, Emelena

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