Kickstarting Fall 2018

Kickstarting Fall 2018
and things to look forward to

While many I know definitely feel the rush of adrenaline when summer is approaching, I have always preferred fall. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Not only because of my birthday coming up in late October, but the season seriously brings a lot of nice events!


Since my birthday always occur during Halloween days, I used to have masquerade parties as a young kid. Now, as a grown up I appreciate getting invited to others or simply having fun disguising myself and celebrating.
Personally I think it is a fun and good excuse of dressing up like Sleeping Beauty, a pirate or as if I lived in the 20s. Of course, confident people may be able to dress like this any day of the year – and that is something I am myself working on. But usually I sort of dress the same way – skirt and a proper shirt in a toned down color.
Additionally I find it exciting to encounter all friends in disguises. Last year we had a couple dressed up as The Flintstones and they had gone all in. Theme parties are just too funny but it is important that we go all in. Wearing the same outfit as always and simply topping the head with a witch hat is not accepted in my book.


Regardless of how people often curse when pulling the curtains aside and facing a rainy scenery, I LOVE IT. Any sort of climate can be shifted into a positive one with the right mindset. If it rains, I see a very good ”excuse” to remain inside with a lit candle, soft music and a handful of writing. Perhaps a bit of reading too.
Every person does not need an excuse for this, naturally, but I try to simply see for positive outcomes from everything. A rainy weather also means different clothes. The earth needs a bit of rain and it becomes greener outside. Even if fall is usually famous for the colorful trees – it only grows better with a bit of rain.
Sitting inside coffee shops, either with friends – ar alone! – is also kind of cozy when it is ”bad weather” outside.
When it rains, it is easier for me to actually see my TV without any sunlight reflections in it. The same goes for my Iphone and MacBook. No matter the great abilities all these electronics have, a strong sunlight does disturb somewhat. A cloudy weather definitely helps. Therefore, my Netflix account is on immensely more during fall and wintertime.
We also have dinners indoors. While sitting outside during summer days, there is a bit of a mood to sit inside. I think the sensation is a bit more romantic and intimate. Maybe because there is less to lay our eyes on. When sitting outside, it is easier to get a bit distracted by all surroundings and people walking by. When remaining inside it is a bit of more focus on the company at the table – according to my experiences.

Anyhow, the moment every year when I for the first time feel the cold air hit me – I feel so warm inside. It is the first real sign of fall and I just want to smile widely at this.

Setting Long Term Goals And Back To Routines

Here, I find it highly important to have routines that we enjoy. A common habit I have seen is that many sigh at the thought of routines. Like, when speaking of summer vacation as the highlight of life and then mumbling ”Back to routines” as if it means death itself – I cannot help but to twitch my nose. Surely, summer vacation should be an amazing time. I agree to that. But I think that it is almost more important that the every day life should feel better. Because… we live it daily? This summer was actually one of the first summers where I felt that it did not really matter if I was on vacation or home, working. Because I fully enjoyed being abroad and traveling around Europe. But I also nowadays love my daily life. During spring I built up my daily life very carefully. I decided that when I return from summer vacation, I shall look forward to it. And I did. I do love my daily life and the routines to it.
An important note can be that this may take a long time to build up. But let it take time. There is nothing as important to be able to live every day with a great feeling of satisfactory and happiness. It is truly worth it in the end.

When it comes to long term goals I have decided to never set too much of short term. Often it ends up with me not managing one of them and therefore stressing about it. Better to have a few long term and slowly making a bit of progress every day. If I see a major goal on the next page in my calendar, I will feel panic if I am not anywhere close to the finish line. If I instead create this into a daily routine, I will for example write a little bit on my screenplay every single day instead of waiting until deadline and by then being awake until 7 am to fix the last into perfection. At least, forming long term goals into routines helps somewhat.

Family Dinners

This may be different compared to where in the world ones lives, and what kind of family we have. I speak for myself here, but I do have quite a few family dinners coming up during Fall. Many people are back from vacations and are in work mood. This results in having it easier to gather them all and forming a lovely dinner together. With darkness outside, perhaps a bit of rain, it even increases the cozy factory of staying inside together. We all wear warm clothes and help each other out when preparing dinners. Just a lovely time of the year!

Of Course, there are tons of reasons to love fall. These were a few suggestions of why I happen to be in love with the season. It is different for everybody but one thing I want to deliver is to the ability to always, always, always be able to shift everything into a positive outcome.

Love, E

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