Come September Villa – Villa Delle Palme – Santa Margherita Ligure

The fantastic house in where Gina Lollobrigida and Rock Hudson’s movie Come September took place, back in 1962. Since seeing the movie years ago, I fell in love with the villa right away. A google search away, I quickly noticed that I am not the only one.

Talk about coincidence when I was in Genova with my love and we decided to head south. Right between Rapallo and Portofino is this beautiful costal beauty – Santa Margherita. Absolutely stunning and wonderful! An Italian fairytale.

When leaving the train station behind, this is what we faced. It resembles of a painted picture that I could just as well hang onto the wall in my home. An absolutely stunning view. Quite behind us is Rapallo (can I imagine my parents vacationing there years ago when they were my age?). Straight ahead of us past St. Margherita is Portofino. This is such a beautiful costal line.

The train station and grand finale of the movie Come September. I absolutely adore this scene. From start to finish I think it is a truly eventful movie that always leaves me entertained. I feel so lucky to be able to see these locations at where they filmed it.

I have, hands down, never seen a more beautiful house. This villa is beyond a fairytale. When seeing the movie, repeating – I fell in love with the villa. Seeing it in real life did certainly not lessen that love at all. It looks like a shimmering pearl at this sort of edge on top of this hill. Whoever owns this must feel so grateful for being able to reside there. It would really be a dream.

Have I mentioned that I literally dragged my boyfriend up this hill, along zig zag roads upwards in this major heat in the middle of the day? Later we would eat gelato to thank our legs which surprisingly agreed on this grand tour. The cars we met on this popular road must have thought we were crazy tourists. Which may be true. Who else would hike in that heat? I like to point out my great fan-girl heart to La Lollo and specifically to this movie.

The roundabout where the boys had their tent. My GOD, can you believe we sat there on a bench they now have placed in the middle of it? It was amazing just to imagine Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida moving around the area. While my Amore tried to catch his breath, I strolled around back and forth, checking out every single dust in the nearby area. When we think of those tiny toddlers where everything catches their attention, we can bring that imagination to how I appeared during this moment.

And here Rock Hudson drove his  Rolls Royce in the movie. How he rounded the corner and drove to…

The gate.

Down on the Santa Margherita beach walk, we promenaded happily and quickly fell in love with the town. What a wonderful piece of jewel. I will definitely return to this place. Hopefully one day with my family if we ever have children. Most people around seemed very relaxed and there was a very peaceful aura over the town. 

This is definitely one of my favorite locations that I have been at in Europe. We would return another time again during our stay in Genova, that time for a day at the beach. The water is clear (perhaps not as clear as around the coast of Sardinia) but definitely alright. At the beach I brought up a screenplay I was reading during the summer. At points when I looked up from under Amore’s cap I borrowed, I really took in every moment. To fully grasp a moment as it happens is something I am quite good at doing. The best of both worlds: a dazzling beach in Italy and a fantastic screenplay to devour – you have got the definition of me. 🙂 

A Margherita in (Santa) Margherita! This pizza was AMAZING. When I saw it on the menu it was a must. I always choose Margherita anyhow regardless of where in the world I order the pizza on a regular basis. So when spotting it on the menu here, it was just no way that I would not eat it here.

During a cloudy moment, we had a little siesta at the corner of the bay. A hotel had a wonderful terrace where we ate snacks and drank cold drinks. As the partly Southern European young woman I am, I have grown up with “siesta” and prefer having this nap/resting moment in the middle of a hot day.

Such a colorful and fine town. Being this huge fan of Sophia Loren as well, I sometimes wonder what a specific life she must have had doing all these movies in Italy’s beautiful towns. I love all of her movies.

The local boutiques offer different cheeses, wines and ham. Cute fashion stores as well. We bought bread from a bakery along with cheeses and ham, some nuts and dried papaya. As we sat on a bench eating it, in the shadows of a covering palm tree, I reminded myself how fortunate I was to experience such with my boyfriend.

Arriverdverci, Santa Margherita!

/Love, E

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