Early awake in my parents’ home. This weekend trip fitted me perfectly as my partner is in Warszaw with his work. I just love mornings like these and could definitely imagine staying here for a bit longer. There is something very special about an early morning, spending it in silence and the sensation of peace. As I am a person who in the majority of my teens would sleep almost until afternoon (!), I nowadays proudly will go up between 4-5 am even on weekends. Here, we can go through the benefits and perhaps explain why this phenomenon is a bit hyped. What we can achieve by doing this and how it can help us as writers.

Grab a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa (we are in the mid of November) and let’s dig into this topic together. The benefits of waking up early and setting up a good morning routine that works which as positive consequence can favor us.

1. Set Goals and Plans the Day Before

It actually starts the day before. Preparation is key to a good following day, according to my say in this. To be able to optimize the other day, I suggest us to start planning it the night before. This way, we may not only be somewhat more eager to start it, but we know in details of what will be required of us, how it will dissolve and further what goals we have.

A simple to-do list is sufficent. We note down what our musts are for the other day, and maybe even schedule tasks in detail of hours. One thing here is to be able to prioritize. There is no use to write everything from the world and back, but rather focus on a few tasks. Mentally it takes a lot to be able to face an almost similar to-do list the following day, as a result of us not being able to accomplish as much as we thought. Personally I think it is better to write fewer tasks which I will be able to accomplish, and perhaps a bonus in the corner of the paper if I manage to be in position for reaching out to another goal. This will rather result in a confident boost instead of feeling disappointment of not accomplishing what I was supposed to do. Also, this may bring down the stresslevel somewhat. Because now we now what will be required of us tomorrow. We will imagine the processes and also achieving the goals. There will be nothing to really memorize in the back of my head and have a stressful sleep if we instead note it down on a piece of paper, preferably an A4 blank paper for each day.

I suggest us writing a checklist before bedtime where we finish the dishes, make a quick-clean and in general do what we can to not feel heavy when waking up the following day.

A newly purchased pineapple lamp and a vanilla scented candle. Level of cosiness high.

2. Start the Morning at 5 AM (Or Earlier)

Many people claim waking up at 5 am is lifechanging. Even the skeptical me has to agree upon this matter. Waking up at 5 AM has shown been benefitting in many different ways. It may be very tough in the beginning but let’s go through the pros together.

– More time in the morning – the obvious one. A few more hours offer us more time to prepare ourselves for the day. Whether it be putting on make-up, having a longer shower or whatever events we tend to have in the early moments. Instead of stressfully jump around the bedroom as we try shoving our legs into those jeans – we can in a more relaxed manner get dressed. Instead of opening the bottle of juice and drink directly, we have time to sit down neatly and enjoy a heartly breakfast. Instead of quickly giving our significant other a peck on the lips, we may have time to share a conversation. Instead of throwing half the world inside our bag and even so forget that important paper, we can take our time to carefully go through what we put in our bag. Better would of course be to pack our bag beforehand on the night before. The emphasis I want to point out is that we have time to fully prepare ourselves, mind and body for the day. We get to let things take the time that they do.

– I have heard about the psychological effect as well. That when we do this, chances are higher we feel a rush of discipline. This is something I want to agree with. I certainly do feel more disciplined when waking up around 5 AM or earlier. Additionally, one common psycological effect is the sensation of leadership. This comes with the feeling of being awake before “everyone else.” One thing though that I like to mention is that we shall not really compare ourselves to others. It is much better if we just realize the positive effects of waking up early within ourselves.

– In these early morning hours, there will be less distractions than later in the day. As the majority of the world has not woken up yet, we are more alone at this moment. We can use it to our advance by doing some of those important tasks or goals we set up the night before. When completing them, chances are we will feel a rush of pride as by 8 o’clock we may think “The day hasn’t even started yet and already I am halfway through to completing all my goals for today!”. This excitement may also push us to a level of really beliving in our discipline, like; we have already proven what we can, so why should not the rest of the day result likewise? A major confident boost, is it not? A following event can be to go through the list and see what we already have done and what we will have to face within the near time capsle. It is lovely to cross and check that line which has bothered us for a while. Now it is finally done.

– There have been many discussions of people claiming that one is more productive during the morning. Mostly because we have lots of energy after a night’s sleep. Also, when we have a “deadline” of wrapping up before going to work – we know we have to put 100% in whatever we do to be able to finish. More effective work, that is to say. The line of being more energized is something I want to repeat again, as when we wake up we tend to feel more excited of life itself.

Love eating vanilla “yoghurt” from Alpro together with cinnamon and frozen berries. 

3. A Morning Routine That Works

So, what we need is a longterm goal. Set for example a goal of writing a screenplay but we never really prioritize the time that it takes. Note that this works for whatever writing goal we may have.

First, we need to define our goal.

Then we decide a moment during the day when we will sit down with a pen and paper to form our dream morning. What is required to achieve this longterm goal? How many minutes or hours are realistic to devote to this goal in the morning?

Can we possibly squeeze in a bit of reading, exercise and mental peace as well? These three is according to me the most important tasks of all.

From at least 5 AM – the moment when we leave, we are free to design our routine. We picture ourselves in our imagination doing all of this.

Always a good book around, and snacks. 

4. Sticking to the Routine

Sticking to the routine WILL be EASIER if we prepare the night before. Really, it makes it easier not to push that snooze button and just go out of bed. We can also lay out the gym clothes and fill a bottle of water which is in the refrigerator, prepare a breakfast and also charge the laptop with battery the night before. Also, making mood boards, dreams and a journal  – laying out the to-do. 

What I do:

  •  I prepare coffee the night before so I can just press the “brew” maker right at once with a partly open eye in the morning.
  • Water of bottle is prepared in the cold fridge.
  • Gym clothes are laid out and a podcast is waiting in my phone.
  • 4 – 4.30 my alarm goes. I brew my coffee at once and enjoy it in the darkness beside my boyfriend. Sometimes I sit beside my windows to view the street.
  • 4.45 I am dressed and go to the GYM.
  • 5.45 I am home again after a workout where I have pumped my mind with a positive thinking podcast. Very important that I do not check regular social media (but only positive thinking accounts) and ignore the news.
  • After a quick shower and breakfsat, I sit down and read in silence (a bit of snoring from my boyfriend of course). This to feel how my brain works and loves to take in information, imagine a little and simply get new impressions. This usually makes me to want to write myself, which leads me to do so.
  • By 7.30 I am ready to leave for my day to day job and then I have written a bit on my online business and read a bit, exercised and I am pumped on positive energy. Additionally I have gotten a confidence boost by feeling high on self discipline that I almost bounces to work, ready to kick ass.:-)

Now, as we saw on my to-do list of the day; I need to wrap my things up as I am heading out with Mom to a Christmas Market. This will be a lovely Sunday.

Love, Emelena

Kickstarting Fall 2018

Kickstarting Fall 2018
and things to look forward to

While many I know definitely feel the rush of adrenaline when summer is approaching, I have always preferred fall. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Not only because of my birthday coming up in late October, but the season seriously brings a lot of nice events!


Since my birthday always occur during Halloween days, I used to have masquerade parties as a young kid. Now, as a grown up I appreciate getting invited to others or simply having fun disguising myself and celebrating.
Personally I think it is a fun and good excuse of dressing up like Sleeping Beauty, a pirate or as if I lived in the 20s. Of course, confident people may be able to dress like this any day of the year – and that is something I am myself working on. But usually I sort of dress the same way – skirt and a proper shirt in a toned down color.
Additionally I find it exciting to encounter all friends in disguises. Last year we had a couple dressed up as The Flintstones and they had gone all in. Theme parties are just too funny but it is important that we go all in. Wearing the same outfit as always and simply topping the head with a witch hat is not accepted in my book.


Regardless of how people often curse when pulling the curtains aside and facing a rainy scenery, I LOVE IT. Any sort of climate can be shifted into a positive one with the right mindset. If it rains, I see a very good ”excuse” to remain inside with a lit candle, soft music and a handful of writing. Perhaps a bit of reading too.
Every person does not need an excuse for this, naturally, but I try to simply see for positive outcomes from everything. A rainy weather also means different clothes. The earth needs a bit of rain and it becomes greener outside. Even if fall is usually famous for the colorful trees – it only grows better with a bit of rain.
Sitting inside coffee shops, either with friends – ar alone! – is also kind of cozy when it is ”bad weather” outside.
When it rains, it is easier for me to actually see my TV without any sunlight reflections in it. The same goes for my Iphone and MacBook. No matter the great abilities all these electronics have, a strong sunlight does disturb somewhat. A cloudy weather definitely helps. Therefore, my Netflix account is on immensely more during fall and wintertime.
We also have dinners indoors. While sitting outside during summer days, there is a bit of a mood to sit inside. I think the sensation is a bit more romantic and intimate. Maybe because there is less to lay our eyes on. When sitting outside, it is easier to get a bit distracted by all surroundings and people walking by. When remaining inside it is a bit of more focus on the company at the table – according to my experiences.

Anyhow, the moment every year when I for the first time feel the cold air hit me – I feel so warm inside. It is the first real sign of fall and I just want to smile widely at this.

Setting Long Term Goals And Back To Routines

Here, I find it highly important to have routines that we enjoy. A common habit I have seen is that many sigh at the thought of routines. Like, when speaking of summer vacation as the highlight of life and then mumbling ”Back to routines” as if it means death itself – I cannot help but to twitch my nose. Surely, summer vacation should be an amazing time. I agree to that. But I think that it is almost more important that the every day life should feel better. Because… we live it daily? This summer was actually one of the first summers where I felt that it did not really matter if I was on vacation or home, working. Because I fully enjoyed being abroad and traveling around Europe. But I also nowadays love my daily life. During spring I built up my daily life very carefully. I decided that when I return from summer vacation, I shall look forward to it. And I did. I do love my daily life and the routines to it.
An important note can be that this may take a long time to build up. But let it take time. There is nothing as important to be able to live every day with a great feeling of satisfactory and happiness. It is truly worth it in the end.

When it comes to long term goals I have decided to never set too much of short term. Often it ends up with me not managing one of them and therefore stressing about it. Better to have a few long term and slowly making a bit of progress every day. If I see a major goal on the next page in my calendar, I will feel panic if I am not anywhere close to the finish line. If I instead create this into a daily routine, I will for example write a little bit on my screenplay every single day instead of waiting until deadline and by then being awake until 7 am to fix the last into perfection. At least, forming long term goals into routines helps somewhat.

Family Dinners

This may be different compared to where in the world ones lives, and what kind of family we have. I speak for myself here, but I do have quite a few family dinners coming up during Fall. Many people are back from vacations and are in work mood. This results in having it easier to gather them all and forming a lovely dinner together. With darkness outside, perhaps a bit of rain, it even increases the cozy factory of staying inside together. We all wear warm clothes and help each other out when preparing dinners. Just a lovely time of the year!

Of Course, there are tons of reasons to love fall. These were a few suggestions of why I happen to be in love with the season. It is different for everybody but one thing I want to deliver is to the ability to always, always, always be able to shift everything into a positive outcome.

Love, E

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