6 Reasons to Consider Health as a Writer

Good morning, folks! Last Thursday of January. I am in the middle of moving chaos as my boyfriend and I have a new apartment to move into. 

There are always a bit of fuzz about health, everywhere. The topic seems to be around in the background and after a while, I thought of it becoming today’s topic here on emelena.com. Health is a great part of our lives, whether we like it or not. By directing an extra thought to this matter, I believe we together can go through what benefits we can get from this. As writers, as business people or just people in general. This is a post for everyone. 

1.Exercising Takes Time

And generates. As much as it will be a busy hour or two in our calendar, that time will most likely generate energy. With a packed yet structured schedule, chances are also high that we do priority the little time we have for writing. As for example; if we have the whole day or week to write something, we may postpone it. This is of course a question of discipline, but I believe this way can assist us in developing our discipline. Because, when we suddenly know we only have that hour and that hour only, there is a high chance procrastinating lessens. Time for social media, checking the fridge for the hundredth time, etc, become less interesting as we know we must be productive to achieve something in this little margin of time. Therefore, I believe in effective work and tighter schedules. If we have an hour to write, are we going to lose it to doing crap or are we actually going to focus for ”only” an hour?

Then we need to mention that it is scientifically proven that exercising makes us more energized. That we get a boost afterwards. 

2. Morning or Evening Writers

Following last words, we can take a moment to analyze when we write best. How many hours beforehand must we exercise and have a hearty meal to achieve fullest focus and energy to write? This also makes it easier to know when to plan our workout. When is the best time to schedule the gym? When can we give 100% at the gym, to later give 100% to our writing? 

3. From Snacks and Late Nights to Early Mornings and the Gym

In my late teens and early 20s, I would prefer half laying down in the couch with a bowl of potato chips and my laptop on my stomach. Only a light in the corner of the room would be lit and so the street lamp outside. It was almost at the point of hearing the mailman delivering the daily newspaper before heading to bed. One day after a handful of youtube videos, books and information about personal development, I was firm to try to change this. 

Earlier nights and earlier mornings. As mentioned in a previous post, it changed my life. And I have heard it has changed many, many, many other people’s lives too. For example, I use those early moments in the morning to get some writing done. It is lovely. Lovely to feel that I have accomplished some writing already before the day has started. A bit of gym, breakfast, silence and coffee plus reading are a success for me. 

Some may always prefer writing late in the evenings, but if it is due a result of postponing – changing our whole schedule may be much to help. Therefore I really want to recommend this. And also, I dare to guess that we all do love to write – and what can we look more forward to than to wake up in the morning to get our hands on our writing project? 

4. Enough Sleep

Naturally, if we want to be able to bounce up from bed in the morning, it is a great idea to go to bed early. Rest our mind a bit. To boost our writing further, we can read a book in the evening. And even in the morning. Starting the morning with a bit of reading can start a creative process work in our mind, an urge to begin writing ourselves. I think it is a great idea to feed our mind with inspirational things in the morning. Not only does this pump on a positive setting, but it may make us a bit more productive with great new and fresh ideas. 

Side note: Once I was so tired I kind of lost my sight. I could barely see but my mind was so creative. It was 4.30 AM and my fingertips just moved. After a while I decided to go to sleep and get a full night’s sleep. When I woke up I was ready to properly finish my deal. 

5. Eat Food That Energizes Us

Food is not food. Food is different. If we really take a moment to stop tracks and analyze this statement, do we find a pattern between energy and food? What meals have caused us to falter in energy and what food has made us prepped to jump Mount Everest and back? This can take a lot of time and many people make a food journal to find a proper pattern, but I think it is worth it. That way we will know what choices to make in our daily life when it comes to choosing what to eat. We can easier choose what outcome we want. Specially efficient if we are heading straight into a business meeting or want to have a good hour of writing. 

Adding question: what food causes our energy to last? (I think vegetables? And other foods of course). Many kinds of groceries make us speeded on energy. BUT, not as many of them gives us a longterm energy. Rather a short term that dips just as quickly as we topped. Typically these are foods rich with fiber, low on sugar and in calories. And, lots of good vitamins for our body. 

6. Mindfullness 

I like to start the morning with a hot cup of coffee and just enjoy drinking it in peace. In silence. During that moment I reflect and imagine. I think of many things and now I dare to point out that it is probably the most important moment in my daily life. If I for some reason miss that moment, I am not happy about it. 

We can try yoga, other mindset programs through youtube or podcasts. There are many sources of information but many agree that we need a bit of a break in our daily life. The beauty of doing nothing. To wake up from our dream and really live in the moment. 

Also, during that moment, when we think and let ourselves be creative in our thinking – we exercise our brain. Inspiration may flow to our mind, concepts and ideas for stories. We ”get” (create) motivation for ourselves. 

Bonus: Focus

Most of all, I think all of these elements sum up a special word; focus. 

Being able to focus better is a momentum that needs exercise. We learn the more we try it. Different ways to achieve this state.  

Well, that is what we get from me right now. I am actually sitting in the darkness on the second floor of a bus. I always book the premium tickets to be able to sit a bit more comfortably. I travel very often nowadays and prioritize a bit of extra comfort. As much as I can afford, that is to say. 

Have a lovely weekend. I look forward to this week.

Love, Emelena 

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