How to Constantly ImproveM

  • How can I grow as a person doing this? What do I wish tomorrow that I did today? 

That last question causes at least me to realize that performing ten minutes is way better than doing nothing at all. It makes me slightly excited to wrap up for the following day, leaving me with a feeling that I already started checking tomorrow’s to-dos. Even better is that when looking back and thinking that all effort I have done is basically nothing/just ten minutes – to figure out that those ten minutes add up to a whole task being finished. Start small and expand. Make it a habit! 


There are literally books about everything. My favorite books are if not novels, those about personal development. I have read a few and love learning more. It is crazy how much we can grow as persons by reading books. Not only is it nice for the mind and brain to have this sort of activity, but it is both calming as it is exciting. Wrapping up a long day or starting the day with a book is an advice from me. In the morning it tends to make me excited to go out there and do something. While in the evening I get peaceful yet with a bit of yearning for tomorrow’s adventures. 

A little pocket book is not only light but very easy to bring along on every journey. Most of the time I do have one in my bag. Right now I read “Think and Grow Rich,”. I try to at least read a few pages every single day, even if I have very hectic days. (In a moving process with my partner). But in the end of the day, a book generates energy to me and that is something very helpful even in these hectic days. 

So what book to choose? 

First I think that we need to focus on what our goals are and see if we can find a book inspiring a pattern towards it. If not, I like the idea that a book just about something completely different may make us think outside the box and make us rethink. One thing I have noticed when digging into the world of books, is that there are so many about topics I never knew about. Therefore leading me to learn things I did not even know there was anything to learn about. Those things I have learned have also ended up being very useful to me. 

There is so much inspiration, motivation and positiveness to pick up from a good properly written book. 


There are tons of podcasts. I started out listening to darker ones, about pretty negative stuff (paranormal things, pessimistic economics and such) during the long rides with my love. After a while we run out of these and instead tried out a cheerful one about health, mindset and positive thinking. Believe me when I saw this caused a major impact this had on the both of us. When I compare us to a year back, we are two totally different persons. Fortunately we have grown together, and are equally excited for things to happen. Now we majorly listen to these types of podcasts and audiobooks. Always about self improvement, health and career. How can we improve every single day? There are so many different ones and I cannot specify a favorite one. There are so many good ones.

Although, one I would like to try out is about meditation! It is something I need to do a bit more, I think. To learn this new habit will be a goal for me. A loop of twenty minutes should be proper to squeeze in the daily schedule. Following a podcast can perhaps push me even further to really follow up. 

So, when can we listen to podcasts? 

On the bus? When we walk? In the cab? When we drive the car? When cleaning our house? My personal favorite is when I am at the gym. It keeps me pumped with motivation and it is almost as if I can feel myself grow when I listen to an exciting podcast while hitting the gym. Therefore I like to recommend that idea. To push even further, I recommend doing this in the morning. Think of the rush of energy when finishing a post workout meal, where we have listened to an exciting podcast and are filled with energy from building muscles at the gym? I love that idea. And I am addicted to have that in my daily routine. The rush of happiness and energy in excitement to start off the day… I almost bounce to work.


By this digitized world, we no longer need to be stuck on one place while learning. We are not dependent of a certain place or location. This thanks to all online courses there are today. Pretty much also about everything and anything. Of course we need to be more focused and have an eye of critique with the knowledge that pretty much anybody can make an online course today. On the other hand we can be happy and grateful that is the case. Because it also means more words and sayings reach out there. I mean, if we now have 1000 writers doing courses about the economy, we get so many more options and different opinions to make our own path rather than “just” taking the advice of ten writers. Our view broadens up a bit. The more we learn the better! 

A sidenote I really like though is the fact that it is true that knowledge is power. But ONLY when it is used! 

Worth to mention is also that we may meet people like us when attending a course. Online or face to face. Getting into a community will help us feel understood and it can be a relief to finally share our passion with people alike. A course hopefully leaves us way more inspired, motivated and with greater knowledge. 

It is worth it to try different ones and see what we like. The voice, the theme and the topic, the length and the pace. What do we wish to learn? Instead of listening to music when sitting on the bus, why not decide to listen to a podcast and learn something new? Think, 20 minutes every day is 1h and 40 minutes every week (times five saying we listen on our way to work). That is a lot of information we potentially could gain, is it not? 

Reflect – Mindset Moment 

The moment where I reflect during the day is in the morning. It is quiet, peaceful and nothing really happens. I have made a post about the benefits of waking up at 5 am and before. The so called 5 am club. This can also be a perfect moment for meditation. 

Some recommend having a conversation with ourselves. To get to know ourselves properly (how crazy this may sound). Asking questions like – “Am I happy? Do I love what I do every single day? Am I happy with whom I have around me? Do I like the food I am having? What can I do better in my life? Etc.” 

I like to think and reflect about my life. That is often how I come to decisions and get new ideas. 

A coach once gave me the instructions to each day write three things I am good at and three things I look forward to with tomorrow. This helped me get a great perspective of positiveness me within but also that even the hardest days deliver something positive. For now, I must say that the early mornings are my absolute favorite moments. When I wake up early and grab a cup of tea (yes, changed from coffee) I absolute adore that moment. Just our thoughts and reflecting over our life. A quiet moment is worth gold. Or in other words – a peaceful moment. This is also a great moment when we think of what we want to do, and take action. Not just being responding to others’ actions. 

During this moment we can learn to appreciate things as well. The smallest of things. These things can be (if correctly): having shelter, food on the table and good health. That we have our loved ones around. That we enjoy our job. That we manage to bring in money, that we have learned something new. That we are lucky. There is always something to be grateful for.

Get Feedback From Others Around Us

It is important to learn not to die just because someone criticize us. However I believe people should learn to speak constructively when giving their so called advice. When a person gives us their advice, it is also important to know that they are one human and there are other billions of people that may like our idea. If a person just says that something sucks, we need to dig deeper and find out why and how this thing sucks – if we like to improve/please this person. Or how it comes that this person believes this sucks. If we are several billion people on the planet, we have equally many visions of worldview.

There is a great balance between listening and not listening. Like – when a person says something bad, we need to know the moments when we must listen and act on it, and (when things are to be faced with the ear-to-ear. Even in those moments, I believe the healthiest thing is to first of all listen to our gut. What does it say? We need to be strong within and believe in ourselves first. Never ever letting critic letting us down but instead see what positive things we can take from that.

That was what I had to offer this Thursday. It is after all Valentine’s Day. I am packing my bag for the evening as my partner and I are switching off all electronics. We are going to a spa, refresh our minds and “pump our souls” as I like to express it. Tomorrow we are traveling abroad to my family and will probably head for a housewarming party Saturday night. With a bit of furniture shopping and squeezing in a moment at my grandpa’s grave I hope to enjoy every bit of this weekend.

Love, Emelena

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